From #COVIDIOTS To #JantaCurfew Here Is How People Are Reacting.

We all are in the midst of this great Pandemic attack that we have never witnessed in our life. Millions of people are locked in their house and all the streets, stadiums, cinemas, malls and everything is empty. People fear to go out in public and they are taking all the precautions that can take.

But then, there are people who do not give a sh*t about this deadly virus COVID-19. They are coming down on the streets or some even evading the beaches. On Twitter two hashtags COVIDIOTS and JantaCurfew were trending in the world and India respectively.

Here is how the COVIDIOTS started.

A definition of this was posted on Twitter and later on, people started posting videos of such stupid people using this hashtags.

Janta Curfew started in India by the Prime Minister of India to lock yourself home for one day and also come to balconies and terrace to appreciate those people who are helping the world, fight against this deadly Virus, but the people of India clearly took this in the wrong way and marched in streets forming rally and applauding in public and some even circulate fake news that sated “The vibrations produced from this applauding will kill the virus”

We have gathered all the videos we can and Think Free tries it best to provide you with the best content. Scroll down to have fun.


2. By seeing this Corona will go

3. When Garba Matters The Most



6. Origination of “Go Karuna, Karuna Go”

7. Innovation


Take away tweets.

This is all from us. We hope you enjoyed!

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