COVID-19 : All That Happened in Last 15 Days

Well, you all have heard about the coronavirus and how its making chaos. Plethora amount of things have happened in the last few days and people are acting crazier than ever.

1. Chaos In Italy.

Italy is the first country after China that has seen the worst of Corona Virus outbreak. As of now, total 35,713 cases are filed and 2,978 deaths have been crossed. The outbreak has messed the health care system of it is already lacking resources. They have also denied the patients over age 80 to be treated due to their less ability to recover.

All the Italians are in quarantine state and they are coping up with the boredom many videos are getting viral of people singing from the balcony or playing different games.

Incredible India.

Well compared to other countries, India is fighting the virus all the way down. From 22nd March all the borders are sealed and no foreigner or NRI can move to India. Maharastra Government has started giving home-quarantine stamps to those under suspect.

On the other hand, some people are beaten up by Mumbaikars who sneezed in the public.

On to add on it. Akhil Bhartiya Hindu Mahashama is an Indian Political Party who has hosted “Cow Piss” drinking event to combat the fight with Corona Virus.

Efficiency – 100.

People On Tick Tock.

Well this one is really gross. Please watch the video you will get it.

Some Good News
  • An Israeli Research Centre is close to announcing that it has developed the coronavirus vaccine
  • CureVac a German company is also trying to develop it.
  • Canadians claim that they will start doing Human Trials in July or August.
  • The first patient in the USA is showing positive results when vaccine testing was done.
  • As of today, China has not recorded a single new case of Corona Virus.

Some Bad News

  • Stock Market are set to be the worst since 2008.
  • The Airline’s revenue is also expected to be drop by 113 billion dollars.
  • Actors like Tom Hanks, Idris Elba are tested positive.

This is all from us. We hope you enjoyed!

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