These School In Bengaluru Sings "Believer" in Morning Assembly.

Talented people are all over the world and we need to look around the Internet just to find them. Now we all know the band Imagine Dragons and you probably have heard their hit single “Believer” which is still very inspirational and makes a very profound connection to people.

Now there is a school in Bengaluru, named St. Charles whose students sings Believer in their morning session. Just imagine it would be so much fun to sing such an energetic song and to being your day with such powerpack performance.

A Twitter handle named Harami Parindey posted this video for the first time and it went viral over the Internet.

Here you can clearly see students singing, it’s just a 30-second video but seeing it will make you enjoy so much

After seeing this video the lead singer of Imagine Dragons, Dan Reynolds got impressed by their synchronisation and respond to this tweet.

Here is what people have to say about it.



Not only this, Imagine Dragons also replied to it.

This is all from us. We hope you enjoyed!

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