Natasha Romanoff Hits The Screen With Its Black Widow Trailer And It’s Totally Badass

The total blunt and totally badass Nat is here.

After End game’s release fans were on a roll coaster of emotions. Spiderman getting out and in of the Franchise, cancelation of Ironman movies were something fans couldn’t just digest. Although Hulk and Thor have still been on the table but before that it seems Black Widow has made it to the Trailer Screens.

As expected the trailer comes in hot and amazingly packed with Action and full of characters that were not even anticipated. It’s always been disappointing to see how a movie is hyped and after release, it fails to grab the big bucket of popcorns in theaters. Although this one truly looks promising and we just hope MCU did it better this time.

This morning Twitter was hit by the trailer and it took just a while on YouTube to catch the fire and some fans were onto it. Let’s catch some glimpse of the reaction and what fans think of the new trailer.

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