PewDiePie Gets Banned In China For Comparing Chinese President To Winnie The Pooh.

If you now search for PewDiePie’s video in China you may not find them.

PewDiePie, whose real name is Felix Kjellberg, posted a YouTube video titled “PewDiePie banned in China” on his channel on October 20th.

in the videos of 29 year old YouTuber explain that the reason why he was banned in China because he spoke something about Hong Kong on the recent protest going on there.

he also draw similarities between the Chinese President and Winnie the Pooh on his video posted on October 16th.

Click here to watch : Hong Kong v/s Joker End Fortnite

PewDiePie even tweeted about this incident on Twitter.

He even made fun of them by tweeting another tweet

China banned Winnie the Pooh.

In 2017, the China government started censoring and banning Winnie the Pooh after bloggers started posting memes of Chinese President by comparing him to the bear.

The reason forest Ben is unclear.

Now if you search anything PewDiePie related on any ready related forum in China aur YouTube related videos it will just be completely blank. I am laughing but I am sorry if you are in China and trying to watch my videos. That kind of sucks.

However some people even pointed out that some search results also came but some even justify that they didn’t came.

Some people are already banned even joined his team.

China even banned the show “South park”

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