The Internet is Cringing Over Japan’s McDonald’s Ads Showing Obscene Ronald McDonald Figure

Popular Japanese izakaya (pub) chain Yotteba has released an ad that features a very NSFW Ronald McDonald.

Ronald dcDonald

Instead of typical Ronald wearing a yellow jumpsuit, this Ronald is naked and it shows the Fries at the place of Pubic hair.

He appears to mock the real McDonald’s by doing so

It heated up a bit on Twitter.

The packaging for the fries, sold at Yotteba features a logo that resembles McDonald’s logo, which is the izakaya’s way of making fun of McDonald’s.

Real News

McDonald’s later on confirmed that this thing is not associated with them in any way and they even mentioned to pose some strict action against them.

All this was started when it was posted on Instagram for the first time by WizardSkull.

It was also sold as products.

All this was done to mock the McDonald’s.

But recently McDonald’s did something in Japan that will make you laugh so hard.

Well McDonald’s launched new cups that were really cute during this summer. People were even appreciating it by posting their pictures.

But sooner this thing turned into something that you would never think of.

So it was found that, by turning the cups in specific direction and looking at some different angle you will get these kind of images that will spill your drink from your mouth!





Enjoy this drink while you are in Japan. They are still not banned.

We hope you enjoyed!

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