Save Aarey Forest, Development Should Not Come At The Cost of Our Future

At least 2600 trees are at the risk of being cut after Indian government makes a cheeky move of giving approval to the metro project by not stating that ‘Aarey is not a forest’.

Almost 200 trees were already cut by Friday night, and now section 144 has been imposed following which a curfew has been put in place to avoid protests.



Quite cowardice to carry out moves in the silence of the night…

The worst part is, some social media handles are even supporting the government’s move…

People have clearly picked their sides, but the fact is, should we support development that’s poising our future ?
People are defending saying it’s for poor people, but aren’t the poor people already using Public transport ?

Can’t remember the last time I saw a middle class man step out of his Range Rover.

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