Trailer Of ‘Breaking bad Movie : El Camino’ Just Dropped And The Reactions Totally Sum It Up

The trailer of long awaited and rumored El Camino: A Breaing Bad Movie just dropped, the trailer of the follow up film of breaking bad has been released and the internet is going bonkers over it !

We don’t blame them, it’s been six years since the last episode of Breaking Bad aired, it is one of the highest rated series on IMDB, so you can expect what the level of hype is, check it out yourself.

The trailer was released on Netflix

You can watch the trailer here.

Couretsy : Netflix

Here’s how Twitter users reacted to this piping hot trailer !


The hype is real…

What is El camino about?

The plot points are scarce, but the general vibe is that El Camino follows Jessie Pinkman escaping and finding his way back home.

Although, Walter White appeared to die at the end of the original series, a lot of people think that he could come back, potentially faking his death.

When is El Camino coming out?

The initial release of El Camino will be out on 11th of October since the last episode was aired 6 years ago.

How are you going to watch it?

It’s going to be on Netflix! And not only that it’s also going to be release on theater.

We all are excited about it. We hope you have enjoyed!

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