Google Pays Tribute To FRIENDS In Their Own Special Way

Friends completed 25 years today and people are feeling both emotional and nostalgic. Many of the artists have created their pictures and tribute them in their own way, but what Google has done is most extraordinary and we at Think Free will show you now.

Scroll down to have fun.


If you search Friends Ross, it will pull a couch and when you click on it, it will scream “Pivot”

When you click on the couch multiple times it will break and say “Ok, I don’t think it’s going to pivot anymore” and couch will break.

2. Friends Chandler

His favorite chair will come and when you click on them his pets will come.

3. Friends Monica

Here a bucket with soap will be there but after you click on it, it will clean the name of Monica like she always does.

4. Friends Joey

Well I don’t need to say much.

Because Joey doesn’t share food.

5. Friends Rachel

Well, she is beautiful, she is iconic and she is “The Rachel”

If you search for Rachel it will automatically directed to “The Rachel” and it will show her pictures.

6. Friends Phoebe

She is the most beautiful singer we have ever heard and her song “The smelly cat” is just awesome.

If you will search “Friends Phoebe” guitar will come

And when you click on it, she will start to sing!

If you are still with us. We have a bonus of you, just search Friends glossary.

We hope you have enjoyed! Thank us later.

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