“My Scooty is worth ₹15,000”, Man who was fined ₹23,000 for violation.

Breaking the traffic rules can be extremely hard on your pocket. A citizen of Geeta colony, Delhi. Got challaned ₹23,000 for traffic rules violation in Gurugram.

Dinesh Madan, who was driving the scooty said he was trying to get all the documents whilst the traffic police cut chala, he said on his defense.

Here is the list of offends he was charged for.

Driving License.

1000 rupees.

Without Helmet

5000 rupees

PUC certificate.

10,000 rupees.

Without Registration Certificate

2,000 rupees.

Without insurance.

2000 rupees.

India has implemented strict traffic rules and you should obey all the rules or else be ready for heavy penalty.

Fake ad an instagram page posted few pictures to spread awarness. Here they are

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