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20+ Things That Would Happen If Joey Tribbiani Aka Ken Adams Was Mr. President #JoeyforPrez

While we are finding it difficult to wrap our heads around the idea of the present POTUS (you know who I’m talking about !) actually being POTUS, we can’t help but make up imaginary scenarios in our heads as to who could be the next POTUS, if given a chance. Well, that’s what we think everyone in the ‘states’ is doing, united or not!

Our resort? This Quora thread. Someone placed an interesting situation on the Q&A site asking people – What if Joey Tribbiani was president? All TV fanatics and Joey fans came up with exceptional answers. But there was one in particular that caught our attention. Written by Ishan Jajoo, these are the 20+ things that would have happened if our favourite ‘FRIEND’ ended up in the ‘oval office’.

1. First of all, export of any kind of food items would be banned, because…

2. All porn sites would be free.

3. He would start his speech with, “How you doin’?”

4. He would not build walls on borders or ban any countries.

5. Oscar would be forced to be given to Joey Tribbiani.

6. Hugsy would be the national animal.

7. Pizza and sandwiches would be tax-free.

8. If he had to lie to the public, the sentence would start with, “A raccoon came in and…”

9. He would support LGBT rights and would try to make some good laws.

10. He would be really motivating and friendly. People would love him.

11. Chef of the White House would go into depression.

12. It would be a heaven for art industry. All policies would be in favour of art.

13. Joey won’t bomb other countries. Never ever.

14. Tinder will get a special grant from the government.

15. All pregnant women would get free medical support from the government.

16. He wouldn’t care about stupid things and wouldn’t bother to interfere in other countries’ business.

17. At the end of the day, Joey’s innocent. He would apologise whenever he would make a mistake.


18. People with Porsche need to take extra care of parking.
Paleontology is a thing and we need to recognize it. The audience looks amazed

19. We’ll have special focus on education. One of my best friends is a paleontologist and one is a.. is a… “transpons,..”, okay he is also something and they are among the most remarkable people I’ve ever met.

20. “Days Of Our Lives” will be made freely available on YouTube and people are encouraged to watch and share it.

21. Every Wednesday will be free Pizza day. We’ll encourage volunteers to provide Pizza to the underprivileged on Wednesdays and we’ll assist them with subsidized food on other days.

22. “Friendship day” will be a nationwide holiday. People are requested to cherish their friendships and make most use of that day.

23. And a special request to everyone. All of us need to stay together and grow. If we stay together during our hard times and trust ourselves, we can pass through any pain and trouble. I have my own stories to tell which I would very soon.

And with the support of his cabinet, he would be one of the best Presidents.

Amirite or amirite?

No doubt Joseph Tribbiani would just ace as President of any nation. All hail, Joey!

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