Even A True Diehard Fan Would Fail This FRIENDS Quiz. Do You Think You Can Pass? LET’S GAME

Your job’s a joke, you’re broke, your love life’s D. O. A. But never fear! Monica, Ross, Chandler, Rachel, Phoebe, and Joey will always be there for you on those days when you just want to sit back, relax and forget all about the stress and pressure that comes with life. How much do you know about these six characters and the classic show they star in? Take the quiz to find out! This is just the 1st stage, we will conduct more quizzes so let’s see if you can answer them all


Questions and Answers

1.Phobe says “he’s her BLANK” to represetnthe realstionship between Ross and Rachel in the early espisodes.
A. Special someone

B. Lover

C. Lobster

D. Cat

2.What seasons do you find you get the hint that Rachel is pregenat?
A. 7

B. 6

C. 5

D. None

3.Which character(s) have kissed everyone on the show both boys and girls?
A. Chandler

B. Monica

C. Phobe

D. Joey

E. Rachel

4.What is the name of phobe’s half brother and twin sister?
A. Frank and Izzy

B.Frank Jr. and Irsula

C. Ursula and Fred Jr.

D. Frank and Ursula

5.In season 3 or 4 joey and Chandler move into to rachel and Minica’s apartement but then move back to their old one. What persuades them to move back?

A.Rachel and Monica pay them their rent for 3 months

B.Rachel and Monica give Joey and Chandler a kiss for a minute each

C.Rachel and Monica kiss for a minute


6.Who does Ross take out for Valentines day in season 1?





7.What names does Joey use when he tells his story about the time he went backpacking threw western Europe

A.Ken Adams

B.Richard Smith

C.Regina Falange

D.Scott Smith

8.What magazine is Joey interviewed in in season 8?
A.Soap Opera America

B.The Soap

C.Soap Opera Digest

D.The Soap Weekly

9.After hearing a woman passed away in Ross’ building they visit to look at the apartment seeing she isn’t gone yet. They decide to come in after learning her memory is nearly gone. What language does she speak mostly?





10.What was Monica’s 2nd favorite game as a kid?

A.Vending Machine

B.Ms. Pac Man

C.Pac Man

D.Candy Crane

11.In the Lottery Chandler finally gets a call regarding a job in advertising and after telling him he is too mature for the job Chandler says a few immature words. Which of these did he not say?





12.What did Joey’s old girlfriend, the one with a fake leg who also dated Chandler find wrong and weird with hi

A.His dad was gay

B.Eye twitch

C.Never had a long term realationship

D.None of the above

13.In the one with Phoebe’s B-Day Dinner Judy Geller accompanies Rachel and Ross to the restaurant with Emma. A bit later Rachel notices Emma’s _____ fell on the floor. What fell on the floor? 14.Where did Chandler ride the train to when getting engagement pictures?

A.Alantic City


C.The Bronx


15.What student revealed he was in love with Ross originally?





  1. When having lunch with her dad, planning on telling him about the pregnancy, she says Ross won’t marry her because why?

A.She has cubby ankles and is ditsy

B.He doesn’t love her

C.She’s damaged goods

D.She can handle it one her own

17.Also in Massapequa, what number anniversary are the Geller’s celebrating?






18.How many times has Ross been married and explain each marriage.

Did you get them all and if you did then congrats, you have cracked the first stage of our quiz. The next stage will be more difficult so stay tuned for more.

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