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20+ Reasons To Love Robert Downey Jr Aka Tony Stark More Than Ever

Robert Downey Jr. has become the biggest star in Hollywood now, and he is not just ruling the Box Office, but he is also the ruler of our hearts. Fans love everything about him, his attitude, his acting, his style, just everything. So here we bring you some of the awesome moments when Robert Downey Jr. Proves he is Tony Stark in real life:

He made his debut as Tony Stark in 2008 with the Marvel’s Iron Man movie, and we cannot deny that we all loved him. We cannot think of any other actor who can nail this character the way RDJ did.

This actor has become a huge Hollywood star, and he is ruling the Box Office and is also the ruler of our hearts. He has brought life into every movie in which he starred. RDJ has become the face of the MCU over the past few years.

He has excellent acting style and has great screen presence. He even has great style and can melt the hearts of women.

Check out these posts and memes and keep loving him more.

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