18 Times Tom Holland Was Too Precious For This World

Probably the sweetest Spider-Man ever.

1. When he was asked to describe himself in one word, and it was simultaneously adorable and relatable as hell.

2. And when he proved just how long he’s been a fan.

3. When he did a pretty stellar impression of Batman, proving that he contains multitudes.

4. When he was asked if he’d be up for playing an Indian Spider-Man, and he showed he wasn’t here for whitewashing roles.

5. Basically any time he interacts with one of his Spider-Man: Homecoming costars, tbh.

6. Especially Robert Downey Jr.

7. When he told the story of the time he went undercover at a Bronx high school, for ~research~.

8. And when he revealed that Sony no longer trusts him with information, because he is unable to keep his damn mouth shut.

9. When he opened up to Jacob Batalon about his past difficulties.

10. When he talked about the day he learned he’d got the role of Peter Parker, and proved that stars really are just like us.

11. And then every time after that when he talked about how excited he was to play Spider-Man.

12. When he revealed what it’s like working on a Marvel movie.

13. And when he got emotional about the first time he saw himself in Captain America: Civil War.

14. When he talked about how he’d respond to a spider being in his flat.

15. When he was very kind to this young interviewer, Liam.

16. And he even taught him how to shoot webs!

17. When he was just adorably nerdy.

18.  And, of course, when he FULLY committed to his performance on Lip Sync Battle.

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