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These Pictures From Bangladesh’s National Zoo will Break Your Heart

When we were children, the zoo seemed like a magical place full of adventures where we could discover exotic animals, ride carousel horses or other animals, or simply observe animals that we only saw in cartoons. Inspired by our childhood cartoons, we believed that once the zoo gates close, the animals would start talking, go on adventures, and have lots of fun. But not all of us ever thought about how these animals really feel standing there as mere objects of display while everyone’s watching every step they take. Only when we grew up, we realized that they actually don’t go on magic adventures or have lots of fun. They are simply caged in small spaces far away from their families and natural habitats for visitors to stare at them.

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Not all the zoos are like that but Shafiqul Islam tells a story about the worst conditions for animals to live in Mirpur Zoo in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Shafiqul is a professional photographer from Dhaka, Bangladesh. He tries to express his feelings and thoughts through his photographs. The artist loves animals and enjoys photographing them, therefore, this project called “Prisoners” was really important for him to express his feelings towards these horrible conditions for animals to live in Mirpur Zoo. The photographer uses his lenses to show what these animals really feel. For the most part, sadness and loneliness.
















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