30+ Posts From Bengaluru Police Department That Proves They Are Alert, Sarcastic & Total Badass

Police in India by and large don’t have the best reputation, they are viewed as corrupt and at best – useless. But one police department is making an effort to rehab their image with the number one weapon of the internet – memes. The Bengaluru City Police teamed up young social media entrepreneurs Chethan Hiremath and Deeraj Gowda in an effort to reach out to millennials in their language of choice, hilarious graphics.

“We try to inculcate that meme with a message; that’s how the Game of Thrones and Pablo Escobar memes came about. We blended humour with social messages, without diluting the image that the Bengaluru Police has. Whatever content they have, we find a creative way to put it across,” Deeraj told The Times of India.

The savvy social media approach appears to be working, Police commissioner Praveen Sood informed the outlet that, “The response to new tweets has been good. We are adding at least 1,000 followers on a daily basis.” Scroll down below to check out some of the best content from the Bengaluru City Police Instagram page and don’t forget to upvote your favs!

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