20 Animals Who’ve Lost All Sense of Shame

The problem with animals is that they don’t always choose to be cuddly and nice. Sometimes they can even be extremely catty, and create mayhem and destruction around our homes. When they go mad there is nothing that can stop them. They will get what they want by any means, without paying attention to any rules you’ve tried to set before.

Today, ThinkFree realized that animals are so similar to us. And these 20 photos will prove that they also want attention, like playing and caring about us :

20. “Get off of your phone and take me for a walk.”

19. “This big guy and his friends got into our newly built house and lived there for a month.”

18. When you dog loves you so much that he decides to make your bed more comfortable:

17. “At least you are going to let me sit here now.”

16. “I love how no one looks thrilled in this situation.”

15. “Well, I know that cats can be jerks, but this is not even our cat.”

14. “Son, don’t ever talk to me again.”

13. “You shouldn’t have trusted me.”

12. “My mom keeps buying new yoga blocks… Her cat thinks there are other ways to calm your soul.”

11. “Oh! What a lovely little garden! I need to fully enjoy it.”

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