PUBG Mobile: Everything You Need To Know About Team Death Match Update.

  • PUBG Mobile will be getting a new Team Death Match mode with the 0.13.0 update
  • The mode features two teams of four players each and the objective is to score 40 points
  • Players get unlimited lives and re-spawn back at their team’s spawn when killed.

It looks like there might be room in the mobile space for something else other than just Battle Royale. PUBG Mobile is set to be updated to version 0.13.0, which will include a Team Death Match (TDM) mode. While the update is yet to roll out for the stable version of the game, it is available on the Beta version.

Here is everything you need to know about the new update.

Basic Rules

The rules of the game are pretty similar to other team deathmatch modes found in games like Unreal Tournament and Quake. The mode features two teams of four players each and the objective is to score 40 points. Killing the opposing team lets you earn points and the first team to get 40 points wins!

You Get Unlimited Lives

There is no ‘perma-death’ in the Team Death Match. If you are killed, you respawn back at your team’s spawn point.

Health Regenerates

Unlike other mode health in Team Death Match Mode regenerates after a while. So if you just managed to survive your last encounter, you can hide for a bit and you are good to go.

There is only one map.

There is only one map available for the TDM version and it is called ‘TDM: Warehouse’. The map features a building in the middle with lots of cover in the form of concrete blocks and more cool stuff!


You start off each match with a weapon and have the option to pick up another one in your team’s spawn point. You get a bunch of weapon attachments like red dot scope, 4x scopes and more. Weapons are usually balanced for both teams, but there is an M249 light machine gun in the middle of the map, which can give any player a significant advantage.


Like most deathmatch games, players will be recognised for completing certain things such as getting kill streaks, headshots and more.

The Pace Is Much Faster Than Battle Royale Or War Mode.

Thanks to the fact that you spawn with weapons and there are unlimited lives, the action is a lot more intense. This is especially true when compared to Battle Royale mode which emphasises on survival. However, the action isn’t as frantic as War mode where people can land anywhere around you.

The End

When a match ends, the player can check the stats and according to it, the player is awarded MVP award.

As mentioned earlier, TDM will be introduced with the 0.13.0 update of PUBG Mobile, which also brings the GODZILLA; King Of Monsters event.

This is all from us. We hope you enjoyed!

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