Preacher carrying ‘You Deserve To Be Raped’ Sign Gets Hit By Baseball Bat And The Comments Are Hilarious

We have seen many people giving hate speech on different issues. And how can we stop them? Apparently by hitting them with a baseball bat.

There is a street preacher Brother Dean Saxton who spends his days denouncing homosexuality and holding signs telling women she deserves rape for not being true Christians.

A while ago, he posted a YouTube video at Apollo High School. There he used a megaphone to tell students they are going to hell. And later on, someone from nowhere hit him with a baseball bat. He was able to walk away but he was bleeding.

Courtesy : 820 Pro Media

You can see someone hit him in the head.

However someone was arrested for this assault and got fined $10,000.

Supporters quickly put up two different fundraisers and the accused was released.

Later on this preacher was arrested and banned for 1 year. When the ban was lifted, Saxton returned preaching about how Muslims are terrorists, homosexuality is a sin, and students who wear yoga pants “deserve rape.”

Here’s what people had to say about it.




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