Illustrations Of Scenes That Should Have Been On Game Of Thrones !

Game of thrones didn’t go your way? Well, we got your back.

Even though it hasn’t finished yet, the final season of HBO’s hit show Game of Thrones has already angered quite a few longtime fans of the series. And while many of them are talking about the reasons it failed, artist Benjamin Dewey has illustrated the scenes that could’ve made him enjoy it more. And judging by the comments under his appropriately titled series

The Scenes I Wish We’d GoT, others couldn’t agree with him more.
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Benjamin believes that a huge reason why the last
season of the TV show is declining is story compression. “It’s just what happens sometimes. Actors get older, budgets are set, contracts run out and shooting locations become unavailable. George R.R. Martin wants to do two more books that have fifteen hundred-page manuscripts. He takes a long time because it is difficult to structure such an intricate web of characters.”

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