Jaime’s Hand Grew Back: GOT Made Another Editing Mistake.

We all are disappointed about the last episode of Game Of Thrones. Series of events are occurring, which is making everyone quite angry about it and Starbuck’s mishap was a total disaster. The new episode is disappointing too. Cersei got the least entertaining death.

But, if you’re the kind of viewer who is for memes too (like me) then you know the Starbucks cup was going to be the meme-peak of the season, but it appears we have been blessed with another editing blunder.

While the rest of the world was busy looking at other things some hardcore viewers found out that Jamie grew his hand back!

In case you forget..he lost that hand in season 3 while saving Brienne of Tarth.

We thought it is fake, but a fan posted it for real.

Some fans are saving them by getting emotional fool…

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