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Burger King’s Pissed Meal Is Better Than McD’s Happy Meal!

Burger King recently released a new meal called the ‘Real Meal’

Not everyone is Happy every time! We are pissed at someone whom we love and doesn’t talk back, we are sad because we don’t get what we want and eating McDonald’s Happy Meal every time is not going to make me or you happy all the frickin’ time!

This meal from Burger King is not just about marketing it talks about a big issue on depression. It states someone’s mental health condition. No big companies talk about this issue. The company came up with Mental Health America too and released new meals which come in a variety of different moods. The goal is to encourage people not to keep their mental health issues to themselves and speak up about their emotions.

The real meal comes 5 Moods

  • Pissed Meal (Mad)
  • Blue Meal (sad)
  • Salty Meal (bitter)
  • Yaaas meal (excited)
  • Dgaf meal (Don’t give a f***)