30 Times Hotels Surprised Customers With Their Creativity

We know that hotels are cliche and they usually offer the same old thing. But there are few hotels that decided to up their game and take hospitality to the next level. Below you will see some of the most creative ideas you will ever see.

Scroll down to have fun.

1. This Hotels Pet Policy.

2. They give this book instead of bible.


4. They Remind To Steal The Toiletries.

5. Cute

6. Pillow Menu.

7. My Hotel Encourages Theft Of Its Stationary.

8. They Have A Number For Bed Time Stories.

9. Landscaping Into Its Facade.

10. This Lamp Can Be Half Lit!

11. Quote!

12. This Mirror won’t Steam up after Shower.


14. Room numbers are created by shadows.

15. It has a separate towel to remove make-up.

16. Good Cause.


18. Hotel of a Game zone?

19. You can Swim to Nevada To Canada.

20. They Have Spiral Escalators.

This is all from us. We will be uploading a second post on this topic according to your response.

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