15 Of The Best Responses to The Trash Tag Challenge Which Has Taken The Internet By Storm

Hashtag trends are generally funny and they are generally meant to entertain everyone, but recently a new trend has been followed which is not to entertain people but to bring self-awareness and save the Planet. In this #trashtag people post pictures of before-after pictures of them cleaning any specific place. The hashtag blew up on social media when a Reddit user posted a screenshot of a person completing the challenge. And then it all started and spread globally.

Scroll down below to look at #trashtag challenge from various places.

1. From Vietam.


3. From Nepal.

4. From Manila Beach.

5. From Mumbai.

6. Cool Challenge to do.


8. Three Women Cleaned Up The Area.



11. From Mexio

12. Tets College students did it

13. This 70-year-old lady is cleaning the neighbourhood.



This is all from us. We hope you enjoyed!

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