9 Impressive Movies of 2018 That Deserve Way More Attention

Big movies are always accompanied by a lot of marketing. Because of all the hype around the bestsellers, it’s easy to miss the less noticeable but still good movies. Many of them have even received prestigious awards and they are still not well-known to a lot of people.

Here are some good movies were made in 2018 and collected the best of them in this list.

#1 In The Aisles

This movie, by German director Thomas Stuber, was really liked by the audience at the Berlin International Film Festival. The movie seems simple but it’s not. It raises important questions about loneliness, obstacles that people create for themselves, and the ultimate formula of happiness: that it’s basically the same for everyone

#2 The Commuter

When Liam Neeson appears on the big screen now, it’s a sign of a good Hollywood action movie. The Commuter is another movie that proves of this point. This is a solid French-American movie that doesn’t have the most original storyline, but it’s simple and logical. And Neeson’s character is not a superhero this time — he’s just a regular person in a difficult situation.

#3 The Pig

This is another movie from the Berlin International Film Festival and one of the nominees for the Golden Bear. It’s a grotesque story about a forgotten director that unfolds in the setting of the serial murders of his colleagues. This movie talks about the Eastern mentality from an unusual point of view and sparks our interest in Iranian movies, which we know very little about.

#4 Shoplifters

Critics really loved this Japanese film and in Cannes it received the Palme d’Or. This is a moving story about a poor family that was forced to steal things in order to survive. It makes viewers reconsider their views of good and bad and understand that life is not as black and white, as it might seem in the beginning.

#5 Searching

This is another film from the American studio of Timur Bekmambetov shot in the screen life format (which is when all the action develops on the screens of phones and computers). And according to critics, this is one of the best movies in this genre. It’s a cool story with great acting and a father/son thing on top of it all. Set in modern times: it really makes you think.

#6 Hereditary

This is a great R-rated mystic drama about one family. Unlike the ordinary movies in this genre, this film is not full of the tricks we are familiar with. And from the very beginning, the movie is set in a scary atmosphere that only gets worse. The movie is dynamic, never gets boring, and the score and the story are good too. So, it’s an interesting horror movie.

#7 Braven

A Canadian town, mountains, and Christmas Eve… A forest ranger and his family just have a regular life until a dangerous drug gang appears in their town. The main character is ready to do anything to protect his family. The camerawork is absolutely amazing and the snowy landscapes deserve a lot of your attention.

#8 The Extraordinary Journey Of The Fakir

This is a movie you should watch to boost your mood. It’s a cute romantic story, that is a little bit naive at times. It was made by an international team from France, Belgium, India, Singapore, and the US. So, it’s no wonder that the movie promotes the idea of a love for everything.

#9 In Darkness

A talented pianist is blind but she has a unique sense of hearing: when there was a murder in the neighboring apartment, she could hear everything down to the smallest detail. Since that moment, danger has been imminent, but this girl is not as simple as she seems. By the way, this movie was written and directed by Natalie Dormer and is a great success for her first movie. She also acts really well. Just watch the movie to see for yourself.

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