If You Get These Genius Puns You Have Above Average IQ

Puns are for intelligent people. Not everyone can make it nor everyone gets it. It’s good news for punny people because Think Free have compiled best puns you will ever get that will definitely make you smile.

Try to figure it out and let us know in comments and don’t forget to share your favourite ones among your friends. Scroll down to enjoy.

1. Clinton Hiding In The Bushes.

2. A Stable Relationship

3. Mama Cat Carrying Her Child.

4. Layover At The Airpot

5. Black men Beaten By Police

6. UFO Caught On Tape.

7. Found Some Amazing Indian Writing.

8. When You Ask For A Half Pint In Ireland

9. Screenshot

10. Periodic Table

11. Not A Huge Fan, To Be Honest

12. Holy Shit.

13. Do You Wanna Kiss Me?

14. Spring Is Just Around The Corner.

15. Mom Told Me To Wear Plain Tie To Dinner

16. Walmart Raises Its Low Prices.

17. Weekly AA Meeting.

18. Rock Bottom

19. Money Lisa


This is all from us. We hope you enjoyed. 

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