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The Real Superhero Stan Lee Left Us And This Is How Internet Bid Him Farewell

The coffin was picked up,

He was finally rested.

He created something new for the world when the times were tested.

A thought which made so many lives happy, has finally gone.

The mind behind so much creativity now will be missed all along.

The time has come to bid good bye

And let him know the world will never be the same without this guy….

Source: EIC

Marevel’s Main Man, Stan Lee died leaving behind his universe of Superheroes. Internet mourned his death and it was obvious for his contribution and creation was and will always be Priceless.

We, The Thinkfree could not do much for you to get over Stan Lee’s loss but we can show you his Farewell on Social Media & the love he is getting from people all around.

Here are few posts, Comics & Reactions to Stans Farewell :


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“Heaven Gets a New Superhero”

~ Rest in peace Stan Lee ~