Reality vs Expectations Comics That Perfectly Show the Small Differences In Life

Many photos are present in front of us, and when we see them, we always say that wish we would have it with us. But when we look at the same thing we actually see something else. Nowadays it is being called expectations vs Reality on social relationship media. Yes, this kind of concept is quite trending nowadays. Every girl wants something of her boyfriend, which she never tells herself. But every girl wants her mind to say that her boyfriend has done this thing for her. Even though these are small things, there is no doubt that in this, the sweetness is maintained in the relationship. But some you go through with this or you are not doing such things then the moments are really funny and that we present in the form of expectations vs reality relationship

People are engaged in giving themselves a new look through Photoshop, so it is found that they do some other experiments. There are some photos that are called expectations vs reality. Let’s show you some similar photos today. Reader’s cave community share some amazing expectations vs reality relationships. Share your experience below comments if you like these comics.

Courtesy : College Humor

#1  Always a Mystery


#2  Being Organised


#3  Some Time Opportunity Hits Between Legs.


#4  Virtual World.


#5 It’s Hard At Times


#6 What The Courses Have You Taught You.?


#7  Always


#8  Things You Should Always Carry.


#9  Can’t Help It.


#10  Well, that’s new.


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