Girl Sent To Therapy After Sharing A ‘Dark Meme’ In A Family Group Chat

Dark Humour can land you in inapproriate situations. If you’re from Asia, you know how people are offended. Although, this time just a Meme led a girl to take advice from a psychiatrist after being forced by her Parents

There are many unlucky stories which are revolving around the internet. The people of social media take quite an interest in these stories. This story is particularly relatable to our group of readers. Often dark humour content is not something which many people would like in their newsfeed or in a blog. The same happened to this girl when she accidentally sent a dark meme to a family group chat. The kind of response she met was awkward and she wasn’t expecting anything like this in her dreams.

Mental health is something which must be always given preference. However, this girl Celeste Araslanian needs some help from our readers. She may find some comfort after many people who love dark memes try to send some support to the girl. The right channel to send the support is again internet.

There are many popular Facebook pages which are dedicated to dark humour. The consumers of such humour never think that they are committing some sort of wrong acceptance. The girl was not paying much attention to this issue until she sent a dark meme in her family group chat.

The girl was later interviewed by this popular social media ran website, Unilad. She explained the adventure. She said that the misadventure led to her therapy sessions. The girl explained that she was having a group chat with her friends. She found a meme online which she thought her friends would love to see. Thus, in hurry, she shared the meme in the family group instead of sending it to the group of the friends.

Her words: I have a group chat for my friends in therapy and we usually share self-deprecating memes, so I saw that one online and I was like ‘they’ll love this’ and I was in such a rush I hadn’t noticed I sent it to the group chat with my sister and mom.

My mom immediately messaged me asking if I needed to go to the hospital because I’ve been hospitalized for depression before.

Later, the sister of the girl made her visit a hospital. She spent around 2 hours explaining to the psychiatrist the entire detail. She explained to him the reason for consuming dark humour which also helped her cope with the depression.

Celeste explains: My mom still believes it was a subtle cry for help because she’s older and she doesn’t really understand memes.

I think it was fair for them to worry given the fact that I’ve been hospitalized before and I agree, suicide jokes shouldn’t be taken lightly, but sometimes, they help you cope.

Laughing at the situation helps me and a lot of my peers in therapy would agree that it normalizes the situation in a way.

I know for me it lets me know I’m going to be okay because, if I can laugh at it now, it means I’ll get over it later.

The above meme was shared with the members of the family accidentally. Do you believe they should have done something like this without getting the entire context of the conversation?