Twitter Briefly Locked Elon Musk’s Account After He said I Love Anime

Call it a modern Tragedy: For a very short period of time we were apparently deprived of Elon Musk’s amazing tweets

This Monday Elon let the world know how much he loves anime.

“Haha” tweeted Elon Musk casually like it’s no big deal. Well, it’s not a big to you Elon, it is to us.

Earlier Elon Musk made a tongue – in – cheep quip about offering bitcoins for sale in response to a question from one his followers about 2 – factor authentication for added security. The joke was made in reference to the 2 – factor authentication security protocol deployed by crypto trading platforms like Coinbase and Circle, but Twitter apparently did not see the funny side of it. His account was temporarily locked after this while the platform investigated and unlocked it.

Twitter went berserk after this saw a wave of Tweets and Quotes after this lockout. To be honest this isn’t the first time Elon Musk’s tweet has caused a stir on Twitter. From selling Flamethrowers, to reveal Teslaquila and from announcement to take Tesla private, Musk has been quite in the Limelight.

This time there was a wave among Anime fans.

Anime fans seems to have been a big fan of Elon now. Who doesn’t love Elon?

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