Why is F•R•I•E•N•D•S The Most Popular & Successful Tv Sitcom The Globe Ever Saw

Credit : Warner Bros

Why are people so crazy about Friends tv show? What makes it the best Sitcom ever aired? Why people still watch it over dozen times even after the show ended in 2004?


If you see Memes that says, ” Pivot, Pivott, Pivottt ” and you can hear Ross in those moments, you know how much you love this show. If you can hear Joey saying ” How you doing?” in his voice, you know how addicted you are to Friends. Also not to mention Janice’s Machine gunfire like laughter, lol.

Credit : Warner Bros

Credit : Warner Bros

The show ended in 2004 but it’s madness is still around its viewers. Loved and cherished by every generation this show earns roughly in Millions per month by it’s viewers.

24 years ago on 22nd September 1994, Friends aka the greatest sitcom hit the screen and after that there was no turning back.

Friends is a bit like melted cheese; loved by all, never gets old and most importantly none of us can imagine our life without it. Although there was suppose to be a Friends revival but it was later cancelled in early 2017 putting an end to the hope of seeing the cast together once again.

Rachel’s Salmon Skin Roll, Ross’s unagi, Chandler’s Sarcasm, Monica’s motherly nature, Joey’s ichiban Lipstick ia something you can get over with.

What makes this show even more popular and top rated? well, the reasons are many so let’s narrow it down to a few.

1. Theme Tune – Karaoke Gold

Every episode brings another chance to bask in the greatness of the theme song. You know it’s amazing when you just hear it and you get goosebumps…not to mention how you start to sing along.

2. ‘How you doing’

Joey Tribbiani turned out to be one of the cutest guy of the lot. You just can’t get away with ‘How you doing?

3. We all have a type

Deciphering which friend you are out of your friendship circle has been the topic of many a fierce debate in the pub. You still maintain that just because you like to hoover your slippers once a week you are NOT the Monica. You think you’re a total babe and therefore obviously Rachel.

4. Oh the fashion

By fashion we don’t just mean the seriously cool 90s throwback outfits. Oh no, we mean highligj such as Ross’s leather trousers, Monica’s accessorising a Turkey with novelty sunglasses and obviously every single thing worn by pregnant Phoebe, especially the santa pants.

5. The Quotes

Not only were the jokes great, but sometimes the one lines were even greater. For instance: Pivot/We were on a break/ be wearing anymore clothes/UNAGI/My Sandwich – are still capable of making you cry with laughter.

6. Still relevant

Let us be thankful that Friends is still a good guide of how to live life now, even 24 years later. Thanks to Friends you know how to steer clear of leather trousers, how to avoid a fake tan disaster, to never wear a lingerie as outerwear when meeting your potential bae’s parents and of course to never let a pimp spit in your mouth.

7. Addressed Taboos

Which other show in the 90s openly discussed gay relationships and female satisfaction? Exactly. P.S. We still aren’t sure what Monica meant by number 7.

8. So many Cameos

Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Bruce Willis, George Clooney and Robin Williams ( to name a few) all starred in Friends. You won’t see names like that popping up in EastEnders mate.

9. Apartment Goals

We all know that Monica’s apartment could only belong to a 20 – something – year – old if they were the child of a gazillionaire, but that hasn’t stopped us trying to copy it. Even if this meant you painted your bedroom door purple and glued a gold frame from Primark on to it. How chic

10. Awkward parents galore

Ever thought that your parents are cringe – worthy? Friends quitely reassured you that your parents weren’t actually all bad. Seeing Monica witness her parents have sex a few inches away from her in a bedroom really made you realise that your dad’s dancing isn’t that bad.

11. 20s struggles

Unlike TV shows nowadays, Friends never tried to gloss over the harsh realities of life in your 20s, when you have no idea of what you are doing in your life Ever felt down because your co – workers doesn’t like you? It could be worse, your co – workers could lock you in the cooling fridge instead. Poor Monica.

12. Smelly Cat – ’nuff said

What smelly cat was fed is still one of life’s greatest mysteries Also, a great karaoke song to suit all musical abilities.

13. They are geeky

From the Valentine’s bonfire, to Ross’s Science Boy comics and Chandler’s incident with the Victoria’s secret model during the power cut they all proved that they are just as awkward as us. Also, let’s not forget Ross and Monica’s special NYE dance.

14. Relationship Rules

Friends showcased an abundance of awkward relationship situations before Tinder was even invented. Accidentally being left out of a threesome, the murky lines of being on a break and let’s not forget the importance of not saying your ex’s name during your wedding vows.

15. Bromance

Nothing can make us forget how adorable Joey and Chandler are when they together. Their love and hugs and great zeal to shield each others secrets is completely amazing.

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