What Would Happen If Disney Characters & Superheroes Faced Ecological Problem

How will our Superheroes look like if they start facing ecological problems? Pretty much mind F*ck, right? Don’t worry! Think Free have gathered This French illustrator and Dc Comic lovers some amazing cartoons that will definitely blow your mind.

Here’s my 2 cent. Scroll down below and we will make sure that this will definitely make you laugh!

Image credits go to this artist. Check him out on Instagram 

1. Ariel And Ocean Pollution.

2. Winne The Pooh And Bee Extinction.

3. Marry Poppins And Pollution.

4. Bambi And Deforestation.

5.  Pocahontas And River Pollution.

6. The Lion King And Man Hunt.

7. Elsa And Global Warming.

8. Aquaman And The Oil Spill.

9. Moana And The Discovery Of The 7th Continent.

10. Snow White And Pesticides.

11. Mogli And Extinct Species.

12. Green Lantern And The Space Pollution.

Thank you, everyone, for visiting Think Free. We hope you enjoyed!

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