Weird And Ridiculous Questions On Quora That Left Humanity Numb And Question Their Sanity

When it comes to Tech, Entertainment, Family or any issues that people find difficult to deal with, thats where Quora comes in for Rescue. An open platform that serves every possible doubts and answers it well. Many Questions are answered while some are so Amazimgly ridiculous questions that would leave anyone burst into laughter and can just make you question of how come Humanity can go at such lengths of Intellect and Intelligence.

Top Tier – Ultra Ridiculous questions are numerous but here are some that managed to get our attention.

1. Call 911. Easy

2. Facepalm

3. Someone answer him, please

4. How stupid, it’s obviously Salman Khan.

5. And bangggg. Critical Hit.

6. It still is, my friend

7. Lol, what?

8. She is saying ‘Yes’ in different ways

9. Welp

10. What a tempting Question

11. You are a good question, but your question hurt me

12. Don’t say anything. Button it yourself.

Source: Quora

We would love to hear your answers/comments on the above questions, after all, it does manage to put smile on some faces.

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