These Simpsons Post Will Kill Your Funny Bone!

Depending on when you’re coming from, The Simpsons predates meme culture by seven to thirteen years. But to this day, Simpson’s memes are universally relevant on the internet even after completing 29 Seasons.

The Simpsons first appeared on The Tracey Ullman show in 1987 and were given their own show in the ’89.

The Simpsons are famous for his dark humour and give you a hard reality check of what is going on in this world. They cover all the major world issues. On the other end, Memes were like The Simpsons younger brother, always following around and trying to get it to play. With over 600 Episodes, The Simpsons have spawned enough memes to fill a novel. It’d be almost impossible to list them all, but here are 10+ my favourite memes so far.

1. Make America Great Again.

2. :’)

3. When Orphan Jokes Were Real.

4. Tip!

5. Kinky Stuff

6. I’d Prefer Cash

7. Always!

8. I am Gay

9. Economic Crisis

10. Sarcasm is greater then husband.

11. Puns

12. Priorities!

13. Relatable!

This is all from us. We hope you enjoyed.

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