Crazy New Currency For These Crazy Times.

Do you have a twisted sense of humour? A knack or longing for pissing people off? Well, a fine citizen of earth, these are for you!

We all know American is circling the drain. The world is a mess. And we need something to mess around with people. This new coin is a perfect answer to all the dumbness going on around us. Buying one of these coins is the perfect representation of that cognitive dissonance.

In all honesty, I hope these put a smile on your face and entertain you while you’re wasting your time sitting in an office or scrolling through memes. If nothing else, now you know where to go to get a shiny “token” of appreciation to present to your Boss the next time he asks for your reports.

More info on 

Literally, give two sh*ts


Giving a Flying F*ck or Two Fu*ks


Even Give Zero Fu*ks


High Time Marijuana


The Whole Collection


The coveted “golden” fu*k

What are you waiting for? Buy this and let everyone know how much do you care about others ;D

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