This Man’s Creativity On Dead Cockroach Will Make You Laugh Hard

All of us who are part of the rat race of life know what its like to go to the back and forth to the office without anything particularly exciting to look forward to. Well, one man of Imgur, noticed a lonely dead cockroach on his daily walk to the office “via a seldom fire stairwell” and saw an opportunity to build a story that may sound bizarre but they are extremely entertaining.

Scroll down to see this mini-series. 

All the image are taken from Imgur, TheDisney Dad

1. Here’s the cockroach miniseries


3. I left him a present…

4.  “…but he drank too much at the party and vomited…”

5. “He was there so long that the paramedics came…”

6. “…but it turned out he was dead, so the police were called…”

7. It turned into a crime scene…

8. Whilst the funeral was going on

9. (over two steps now)

10. ‘The stairwell was finally cleaned, and it was all taken away, but undeterred, a scene appeared from the offices of the SUV”

11.  And they finally found the culprit!

12. I’ve had fun, It kept me and apparently few others entertained.

People were surprised and entertained at the idea. Who knew this ugly-looking creature will make us laugh even after he died. What a legend!

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