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Hundreds of MOTH Memes have Flooded the Internet, Check the Best Ones Out Here.

Moth memes are the latest phenomenon sweeping the internet and it’s hilariously weird. 

Over the last 2 months, these moths have taken over the internet after a Reddit user shared a creepy, close-up picture of a moth.

Source – Reddit.

Previously known as ugly, creepy, light- addicted butterflies, the internet has all of a sudden decided it loves moths. The reason is simple: moth loves lamp the way human wants to be loved, and everybody needs love right now.

We have gathered some of the best Moth Memes you could find on the Internet. Here is the list of best Moth Memes:


Source – Adam the creator/Instagram


Source – Dani Doodles/Instagram


Source -@am_the_moth/Instagram


Source – @am_the_moth/Instagram



Source – Instagram





This is how the moth has taken over the internet world. The Moth memes are love. Share your best Moth meme here.