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12 Extra Fabulous Comics That Will Hit You In The Gut and Funnybone.

Small and funny, Extra Fabulous Comics stem from the mind of Zach Stafford. A collection of succinctly savage interactions. It would be unfair to the brilliant hilarity on display to compare funny Extra Fabulous Comic strips to each other, they’re all beyond funny, and poignant to boot.

Subverting everyday interactions through clever wordplay and sharp observation, Stafford has accrued enough comics to fill a book, which he actually plans to do with the right amount of funds. These comics, unrefined and unfiltered idiosyncrasies about dating, higher education, and simply existing.

Stafford’s work can be found on the Extra Fabulous comics and on his well-trafficked Facebook page. Strap yourself in and check out the best Extra Fabulous Comics.














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