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How Many Calories Are In A Booger? How Much Should You Need To Eat In A day To Survive?

The Amount of Calories in a booger is so low that you actually burn off the same amount or more by moving your hand from your nose to your mouth. Therefore, it makes sense to keep picking and eating your boogers because this will cause you to lose weight and improves Immunity as per a Research.

Boogers are essentialy Mucus that contains dirt, dust maybe some bacteria or Viruses that got caught up in there. Mucus is mostly composed of water. 95% water and Glycoproteins (Glucose+Protein). So, to answer the very first question, a single gram of Mucus contains .25kcal. So, if you can do simple Math, 4 cups of Mucus is 400 Calories.

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Now you must be wondering how much should you eat to survive in a day. Well, putting an end to your curiosity here it is.

You would need to consume somewhere in the neighborhood of 28 cups of Mucus per day to be on a 1400 calorie a day diet. This would be about the minimum that a person should need to just function, and definitely not high level functioning. That’s a lot of boogers. And you would feel horrible all day.


For your information, you can’t just consume your own mucus and survive. Your body doesn’t produce anywhere close to 30 cups of Mucus per day and to solve this problem you will need somebody else’s Booger.

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As already mentioned, eating Boogers can result in effective weight loss. Author of a book claims that by just picking your boogers 3 times a week for 20 minutes a day can result in loss of extra pounds over time.

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Scientists also approve that eating Boogers boosts immune system of the body. Now you know why kids from local county who play in mud but eat Boogers are highly immune.

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While answering a Question on Yahoo, a guy exclaims:

” I eat my Boogers all the time. When you have runny nose and then wait for it to dry up, those are the best boogers. It’s like the almost crunchy, nice and sticky consistency. Mmmmmm. “

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Don’t be ashamed if you eat boogers. Just remember it might have some side effects like Nose bleeds, numb fingers, deviated septum from excessive Eating.

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Let us know if this post helped in answering your question. Till then, Happy Eating.