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11 Pictures Which Highlight the Flaws in Our Dark Society

“As much as we hate to admit it, we’re all very vulnerable. The SUN Project is a four-person art collaboration that focuses on the destructive and painful emotions we often hide. Fronted by Mimi N, the group produces illustrations almost daily and have already built a 164,000-strong following. From loneliness to depression and beyond, the SUN Project perfectly captures the feelings you’ve probably felt on quite a few rainy Sunday evenings.

Inspired by daydreaming and the internet, Mimi N said that the SUN Project isn’t only about the dark emotions that we endure. It’s also a homage to wonderful sceneries and fashion. “I just draw what I love, [the] boundary between life and death, beauty and ugliness, smiles and sadness. I love exploring [different] art styles and fashion trends.”

“People usually know me from the SUN Project and I am grateful for all the kind comments,” the artist added. “I’m glad people can relate to it, but that’s only a small part of me. I also love drawing anime, fanart, my own comics and much more. I wish my art can the world a better place.”

Scroll down to check out their incredible images, and who knows, maybe they will help you to come to terms with your own emotions. At least for a little while.

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Courtesy : futarinokizuna


Courtesy : futarinokizuna


Courtesy : futarinokizuna


Courtesy : futarinokizuna


Courtesy : futarinokizuna


Courtesy : futarinokizuna


Courtesy : futarinokizuna


Courtesy : futarinokizuna


Courtesy : futarinokizuna


Courtesy : futarinokizuna


Courtesy : futarinokizuna