These Comics from Safely Endangered Will Make You Laugh So Hard!

This comics from Safley Endangered webcomics are hilarious, on point and taking the internet to storm. Theirs is a particularly dark brand of humor but artist Chris McCoy struck gold in this comic memes. The artist even takes on issues like dating culture and homophobia but he does so with a grace that’s somewhat unusual for a comedic artist.

Safley Endangered mostly addresses everyday concerns and though the assorted comics below will feel relatable you might feel a little guilty for laughing at them. Keep reading and be prepared to suspend a tiny bit of your conscientiousness. At Think Free, we have gathered over dozens of best comics that will make you laugh so hard.

1.  Not so special now

2.  Evil Google

3.  Thank you, Facebook.

4. Let the Ritual Commence.

5. Mind Your Goddamn Business

6. Destiny.

7. #godsplamn

8. How Fairly Tails Work

9. Ninja Turtle

10. It all makes sense now.

11. What the…

12. Poor Moon

13. Personal Stuff

14. Shut Up, Please

15. Kinky

16. Wave

17. Ouch

18. Sigh

19. Complicated Stuff

20. Happy Ending.

This is all from us. We hope you enjoyed, check out our other comic series. 😀



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