12 Cool Google Assistant Tricks You Should Try

The iPhone has Siri, and Amazon has Alexa, but Google has a great voice-powered assistant of its own. And it’s no longer relegated to Google-built devices like Google Home or the latest Pixel phones; you can get Google Assistant on a wide range of handsets, from high-end products like Samsung Note 9 to budget models. Even the LG G7 ThinQ even features a dedicated button to summon Google assistant. Even iPhone users can download an iOS version of Google assistant.

But other assistants like Siri, Bixby, and more don’t even stand a chance against Google Assistant. In Fact, it is so powerful and versatile that most of us don’t know how to use it fully. We want to change that with this article, and while it’s impossible to share every tips and trick but there are over a dozen tricks we are going to show you now.

Best Google Assistant Tricks You Should Try By Think Free is as Follows :

1. Get the Summary for Your Day.

One of the first things you can do in the morning is how you are going to spend your whole day. Just say “Hey Google, Good Morning” and it will relay all the relevant information to you. Not Only it gives you useful information like weather and traffic but it will also tell you what’s there on your plate for the day. 

2.  Identify Songs

One of the most featured of Google Assistant is its ability to identify songs. Ever happened that you didn’t recognize a song while listening? Well, Google Assistant got your back. You can simply say, “Ok Google, identify this song” and in just a few seconds it identifies the song. The best part is that every command is stored in a chronological order and so at the end, you can add your favorite song to your playlist. 

3. Create and Access Shopping Lists.

Google Assistant also makes it very easy to remember your shopping and grocery items. Whenever you want to add an item or even multiple items to your shopping list, just ask the Assistant to do it for you. For example, try saying, “Ok Google, add eggs, milk, and bread to my shopping list” and it will do that for you.

4. Unlock Phone, Launch Apps, and Manage Quick Setting Toggles

Google Assistant also helps you in easily launching apps and unlocking the phone. To set up phone unlock with your voice, open the Settings apps and search for Smart Lock. Here, under Voice Match or Trusted Voice, enable the “Unlock with Voice Match” Option. From next time, you can just say the magical words ( Ok Google or Hey Google), and your phone will unlock. Note that this feature is not as safe as the password or the biometric authentication.

5. Get Currency and Unit Conversions.

Google Assistant is also very useful when you need to perform any type of currency or unit conversions. You can simply say that “Hey Google, Covert $45 into INR” and it will do that. 

6. Used Location-Based Reminders.

If you are someone who always forgets tasks like me you should use location-based reminders as they come in really handy. You can say, “Hey Google, remind me to turn off lights when I leave home” This is a very nifty tip and come in handy.

7. Stay on Top of Sports.

Google Assistant is also great for keeping track of live scores or the standings of your favorite team in an ongoing tournament. You can ask about any specific team, game or in general what’s going on today?

8. Control Chromecast, Android TV, and Smart Home Devices.

Google Assistant can also help you in controlling your Chromecast, Android Tv, Or smart home devices just with your voice. Some of the commands you can use to do that are,

  • “Hey Google, turn off the porch light”
  • “Hey Google, play Sacred Games on Netflix.”
  • “Hey Google, play music”

9. Set up Routines to Automate Tasks.

Routines are the perfect way to automate your tasks using Google Assistant. For example, you can organize your routine of what you do after you come from work. You can do all these things manually or you can use the Routines feature on Google Assistant to automate all these tasks. Here’s how you can do it.

10.  Use Multiple Languages to Speak to Google Assistant

One of the newest addition to Google Assistant is its ability to understand multiple languages at the same time. This feature is very helpful for bilingual families as they can use both their chosen languages to ask the questions. Of course, for the feature to be worked your language has to be in the supported language list.

11. Get Good News On Google Assistant.

If you are tired of hearing bad news from all the news sources and want some relief in your life, Google Assistant has just the right thing for you. Just a couple of months back, Google released a new feature for its Assistant which allows users to a summary of uplifting news stories from around the world. If you want to listen to those stories, just say, “Hey Google, tell me something good” and it will tell you the best things happening in the world. Though this feature is region locked and not available in all parts of the world.

12. Make use of Explore Tab.

If you are enjoying these tips and tricks for Google Assistant and want to discover some more tips by yourself, visit the Explore Tab. The Explore Tab can be accessed by tapping on the icon housed in the top-right of the Assistant page. 

Get the most out of your Google Assistant with these cool tricks.

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