How Come Girls hide their Farts So Effectively & How Do They Suppress The Sound Of Butt Whistle?

As Per The Research, An Average Human Farts 14 Times A Day. Also most men make huge noise while they Fart. But the Stats of Noise goes Down when it comes to Women, which begs for a Trivial Question: How Do They Hide it like a Pro and manage to Suppress The Explosion?

This is a very important question. Everyone or Anyone who has loved, a girlfriend, a boyfriend, a friend, a family member, a lovely enduring stranger, anyone who’s loved anyone, you love farts and all. After a little digging on Google it was brought to my attention that the amount of Gas a person passes maybe based on your genes inherited from your parents.

The genes contains chromosomes which contains enzymes which helps process food. Not going in more detail, it’s just due to these chromosomes some people can digest easily while other can’t . Those other people get their tank full of smelly gas which results in butt noise and a powerful abnormal smell.

Coming to the topic of discussion, a Sociology student answered this question. Monica Balce, an undergraduate from USA says:

“Girls hiding their farts simply reinforces the gendered double standard of Female etiquette vs. Male etiquette. I agree when people say it’s a normative expectation…we have hold our farts in since it isn’t proper, whereas men are free to fart whenever they want to do it, as loud the fart explosion can be. Society has organised male/female Behaviour into specific gender boundaries that we mustn’t cross. Including Fart Boundaries.”

You all must have noticed a mind numbing fart in the room, just after a lady leaves the room, that must be because she damped the fart’s impact by squeezing her muscles. The smell diffuses quickly but in those few seconds the people in the room may get deeply scared due to its nose tearing smell.

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Another Female from Germany answered this question and said:

If I’m out in public in a large group setting, I just pinch my nose and blame a random person. If I am at a gym, I will usually walk over to a section where there are a lot guys who were lifting weights and release the gas there. o_o If I am at a friend’s house, I usually blame the dog.”

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So, if you are at Gym, we might want to give you a heads-up. And if you are a Doggo, you need to be careful of those Butt Whistlers.

How to be a Pro at hiding your Butt Whistle? Here’s how:

After releasing the beast, blaming is a last resort. Say or if possible shout, “Ewwwww, who farted”, then look around with those innocent and upset eyes. Also try to pinch your nose for a couple of seconds and do not smile. Pretend to be dazzed and confused.

Warning: Smiling may reveal that you were the one who played the Trumpet.

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Another way is to pretend to cough. Fart and cough at the same time. It must sync accurately or else may put you in some awkward position, you know.

Let us know your views on this and join the discussion. Till then,

Live, Love, Fart and be happy.