University Slammed for Welcome pack containing ‘sexist’ Gift for Girls Asking If They ‘Spit or Swallow’

Getting in your desired University is probably one of the best moments but there’s a slight chance that your university may welcome you in an odd manner, specially if you’re a girl. When you arrive at a University, there are number of gifts given to you if you’re a Fresher. From branded pens to free food, you’ll collect a lot of useless bits and bobs during your first few days on campus. Read the complete article below and find out what made The University of Sussex to apologise.

The University of Sussex decided to welcome their students by giving them beer mats as a welcome pack. However, these mats caused a controversy and people are outraged for the mats given to students.

Students & Parents slammed University for ‘sexist’ beer mats :

Made by toothbrush subscription service Brushbox, the beer mat was intented to promote dental hygiene but people couldn’t help but notice it contains a rude message.

The item features a highly suggestive image of a woman with her mouth open, toothpaste dripping out of it.

Reverse side of the beer mat :

And the message on the reverse side reads: “Whether you spit or swallow as part of your (twice…) daily oral regime, place your oral health on autopilot with Brushbox.”

Photos of the beer mats have been widely circulated and criticised on social media. Below are the few comments made by different users on social media:

One person on Twitter said: “Young woman is accepted to the University of Sussex and this is in her welcome bag. WTF. Do you have any respect for women? This is sexual harassement.”

Another commented: “Beer mats given to University of Sussex freshers condemned as ‘sexist’. Or in fact, f***ing appalling. Your uni student daughter is just a piece of fresh meat for the boys.”

Third wrote: “Oh my goodness! What were you thinking? In what universe could this ever be seen as a good idea?”

“Sexism is sexism even when it’s a joke’. Women deserve better than this.” added a fourth.

Following the backlash, an apology has been issued by the university :

A spokesman for the University added: “We can absolutely see why this promotional material in our Students’ Union’s fresher packs has sparked such a strong reaction. We’re sure this discussion will continue and that our Students’ Union and other unions will feed back the reaction to the company responsible.”

Brushbox have also apologised for their “misguided” product.

They said: “We now realise it was inappropriate and misguided of us to use this type of image as a way to raise awareness of dental health issues. We completely understand that the image could be deemed as derogatory to women and for that we are truly sorry -this was never our intention, and we take full responsibility for any upset it has caused.”

That’s it Guys, let us know what are your thoughts? on this.