Teenagers Today Wouldn’t Be Able To Handle Life In The 80’s

Imagine living without the Internet. Could you deal with having to wait until you get home to talk to one of your friends on the phone? Or handle waiting to walk in the door to check the caller ID to see if your crush has called? Sounds terrible, right? Well, for teenagers in the 80’s, that’s literally what life was like.

It seems so technology is constantly reinventing itself these days and it has completely changed the way people live. Children today are living a vastly different childhood compared to previous generations because of this. Here are 10 things that today’s children couldn’t even of think of doing.

Having To Actually Sit Through Commercials While Watching TV. 

Imagine waiting every time while watching a new movie and commercials pop up. Thanks to Netflix and other online websites, that thing is in the past now. 

Want To Watch A Movie?

It’s your favorite movie and it’s not coming on television also. Better head to your local video rental store and check out a copy. Because Netflix is not a thing.

You Were Expected To Type In A Certain Way.

Type-writer AKA with all your fingers and thumbs. No auto correct or any other thing to help you with. School used to have this kind of exams where they ensured that you use all your fingers and thumb to type. Crazy, right?

Source – Wikipedia.

They Actually Had To Memorize Everyone’s Phone Numbers 

We have our smartphones where we store thousands of contacts. back then they used to remember all the contacts. Nowadays, we don’t even know most of our friend’s numbers by heart!

Source – cvltnation

There Was No Google, Just The Library.

We use Google to search for every small thing. But in 80’s it was something else. No phones were their to solve your homework or complete your assignment on your fingertips.

You Couldn’t See A Picture Right After You Took It. 

That’s right. You would have to wait to get it developed to see how it turned out. Imagine what would girls do? Oh, the agony. 

The Original iPod.

Imagine having cassettes size of your small smartphone which can only store one song and that music player would be as large as your laptop. There was no such thing as the MP3 player, it was this old thing.

Hanging Around With Friends Actually Involved Being Around them Physically.

Who would have thought? 

Forget Spending Hours Looking For Perfect Prom Dress. 

Those were the days where teenagers used to stitch their own perfect dress. I am sure you would have missed Gucci and Prada. 

When “Roll Down The Window” Actually Meant ROLL Down the Window.

To be honest, it was a hardcore workout and you had to deal with it when it stuck down!

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