Netizens slammed a woman for staging ‘ridiculous’ business class photo on plane to get likes on Instagram

Be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat, the number of people we can reach via these mediums is just tremendous. Want fame? express your talent on social-media. Want sleepless nights? just be dumb on the internet and say no more. One such incident came into light when Instagram Influencer Harimao Lee shared a photo on instagram from her recent trip to Rome.

Instagrammer came under fire because of this photo:

(image belongs to the respective owner, ThinkFree doesn’t claim it as it’s own)

The photographer travelled from Hong Kong to Rome with Cathay Pacific in a business class cabin and shared a picture of herself inside, sipping champagne and “stargazing” while draped in fairy lights.

People were quick to mock her for the image, which had clearly been staged. One user commented: “Ridiculous fairy lights aside, lady you are sitting on the business class seats BACKWARDS with your head inches away from the TV monitor…this is so staged!”

Twitter user akinsoul shared the image with caption: ” What the actual f**k? Who in their right mind brings fairy lights on a plane?”

Another twitter user replied:

“Oh ffs love neck your plonk, go to sleep and decide the next day if you actually have a life” – commented the fourth one.

Others branded the snap cringe and told her to get a life.

Despite of all the negativity and trolls, the post managed to get more than 15,000 likes and 250 comments so far. Influencers should pay more attention to their quality of content instead of baiting their followers who trust & support them. We hope at-least some people learnt from this.

That’s it guys, What’s your reaction to these trolls? let us know in the comment section.

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