F•R•I•E•N•D•S : Revival Will never Happen says NBC Executive

The Classic Sitcom FRIENDS may never see a Revival as per Co Creators Of The Show. We saw a Mix Of Emotions Among Friends’ Cast And Fans All over Social Media

Source: Twitter : A Fake Poster Went Viral On Twitter

Will we see Monica, Chandler, Ross, Rachel, Joey and Phoebe return to one last Hurrah?

So, here it is after decades of discussion and reports; There’s never going to be reboot or revival of FRIENDS on NBC. Network TV is a competitive field where ratings are king. Just like how Hollywood’s recent obsession with Reboots and remakes of beloved films, TV is heading in the same direction. Although there have been some hits using this strategy but NBC pretty much made it clear that we may never see a revival of FRIENDS. It is evident that majority of fans wanted the reboot and thus Social media saw a lot of FAKE POSTERS and Photoshopped images GOING VIRAL.

Source: Instagram/Anistonly

There is also a Fan made Trailer of Friends S11 on Youtube which made many fans think that this might be an original trailer.

Source: YouTube/Smasher

The sitcom’s last ever episode dates back to 2004 and left millions of Fans in tears. The show ended after 10 seasons and Finale was watched by 52.5 Million US VIEWERS, making it the most watched show in American History.

Since then Fans dreamed of the moment where the cast would be reunited again, side by side. Unfortunately it didn’t quite happen until 2016.

Source: YouTube ( Reunion in 2016 )

On February 21, 2016, the gang reunited for one-off special to celebrate Jeff Burrows’ contribution to television throughout the years. It so happened that Matthew Perry was missing whom Fans regarded as the KING OF SARCASM AND HUMOUR.

Source: Entertainment Weekly: The Picture seems off without Matthew Perry

The get together was a conversation was mostly about love and life so it didn’t live up to the hype.

Source: YouTube

When asked about Reunion few months back, Jennifer Aniston said :.

Source: CNBC

” It really was the greatest Job I ever had. I don’t know what it would look like today, but you never know. So many shows have been successfully rebooted. I know Matt de Blanc doesn’t want to be asked that question anymore but we will talk him into it.”

Matt de Blanc hinted clearly about his intentions and said humourously:

Source: CNBC

“Nobody wants to see Joey at his colonoscopy.”

Now that Fans know that Revival isn’t happening, there was rainbow of emotions all over Social Media.

Amanda Reese (Texas) posted:

” The show was great, I still watch them often, but I really don’t want a revival as it might ruin it. The time has passed and now we should just enjoy those moments as it’s too late for a reboot. “

Arushi Sharma (Bangalore) quotes:

” The show may have ended in 2004, but its aura is sill felt around family gatherings, talks and discussion with friends. I would like to see them back. Just one last time. “

Shyna Fareed (Israel) comments:

” The show ended. Its time to chersish its moments and move on. I still enjoy memes and bloopers. Tbh, it’s too late for a revival. Happy with the 10 seasons of FRIENDS in Blu-ray, lol”

Rainbows of emotions was seen on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The show was and will always remain to be one of the favourites. Although Fans’ demand will play a crucial role. Let us know what you think about FRIENDS REBOOT.


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