10 Times Twitter Taught Us How Marriage Works.

Marriage is a special bond between two individuals who love each other and are committed to each other. Marriage is also a weird, interesting experience where you get so close to someone that you would’ve considered taboo to do in front of someone else is just thrown out the window. Like I said, marriage is a special bond.

The wonderful people of Twitter have gathered together and given their collective insight into this crazy, fun, and sometimes intense thing we call marriage. Here at Think Free, we have gathered all the best tweets as you will see below:

1. Honestly, same

2. Petty

3. Both awesome things!

4. Gotta keep up!

5. True Love.

6. Talk to you later!

7. Obedience.

8. Priorities!

9. Personal Space is important!

10. Staying Together.

Let us know more about weird things taking place in marriage.

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