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10 Life Lessons You Should Learn From Joker.

The joker is hands-down the greatest comic book villain there has ever been: a homicidal clown with no superpowers but a fiendishly brilliant mind that has made him Batman’s greatest foe, challenging him again and again over a decade. Although he has mostly been quite inhuman, but that doesn’t mean that he is not capable of teaching us anything. Apart from impressing us with his leadership skills where to omnipotence, the Joker tends to feed us with some of the very valuable lessons to life. 

1. If you are good at something, never do it for free:

This is the most memorable of all the quotes said by Joker. This line is pretty much justified as when it comes to killing Batman, the word “free” is nothing less than a sin. This advice is applicable to all professionals with great skill working for free.

2. Awareness is the most precious kind of freedom.

Joker just wants to see the world burns and this is the fact that makes him even worse. He may be a madman for everyone but a comic reader does have a complete idea of what Joker is trying to do.

3. People are only as good as society allows them to be:

Joker with these words tries to point out that “people change as per circumstances. No one is good or bad inherently.”  He highlights this towards the conclusion of the Dark Knight where he explains that the evil kid is within him, is with everyone.

4. Women love aloof and indifferent men:

This quote of Joker best suits the time when Quinzel falls in love with Joker after assuming that everyone misunderstands Joker.

5. Being prepared doesn’t necessarily mean having a plan:

Joker has proved it again and again that “Preparation is what gives you victory”. Luck is never the only factor to be successful. Joker, with his ability to adapt to worse situations, executes the plans even when we consider it a fail. It is due to this improvisation power of him that he is able to guess every move of Batman and escape the black crusader.

6. Know the Competition/Opposition inside-out:

Knowing your competition gives you an extra edge. You are able to predict every action and keep yourself a step ahead than the competition. The Joker demonstrates this when he collects the secret identifies of all the members of Batman’s family except Batman, so as to reduce the number one by one.

7. Never rub another man’s rhubarb:

It eventually means “Avoid dating any woman who is dating another man”. This is evident when Batman begins dating Vicki Vale is nothing less than a shock to Joker.

8. Money can’t buy happiness:

Joker just gets the quote of life figured out with this one. Burning the huge pile of money in Dark Knight proves that for him “it’s not about the money”. 

9. Never stop having fun:

Joker by saying “Why So Serious?” proves that the day you stop having fun, is the day you stop living.

10. Teamwork makes the dream work:

This is yet another area where Joker shines. Let’s examine the jailhouse scene in The Dark Knight as an example. It would be impossible to achieve what he did there.

That’s all from us. What other life lessons have you learned from The Joker over the decades? Sound off in the comment section below. Thank you!