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Man Who Spanked Hippo’s Butt at LA Zoo Disppears In Thin Air

Police in Los Angeles are on the lookout of a man who trespassed a zoo enclosure and spanked a Baby Hippo named Rosie.

Mara and Rosie – credit: Mark Raiston/Getty images

The bizzare incident took place at LA Zoo where the Mother Hippo, Mara was having a quite time with her 4 year old daughter Rosie.

The incident was captured in zoo surveillance cam and minutes later it went viral on Twitter.

The footage shows an unidentified man climbing over a railing into a restricted area in Hippo’s enclosure. He then leans close to the two animals standing by the wall- a mother and daughter pair named Mara and Rosie — and smacks 4-year old Rosie on her bottom, the Los Angeles Times reported.

source: Twitter/SomeToLaughAt

After the slam, Rosie flinches, and Mara appears startle; the assailant jumps back over the railing and flees. The incident came to the attention of the zoo admins after the video was wildly shared on social media. And although police received a trespassing report, no official charges have been filed.

Image credit: CBS News

”Any unauthorized interaction with an animal is unsafe for the animal and potentially unsafe for the patron,” zoo representative Spurlock said. ”It is never okay to take an animal by surprise and physically make a contact with an animal in a way that could be harmful”.

Image credit: CBS News

Viewed more than 440,000 times on twitter, the footage shows the man escaping after a swift spank, after which he leaps over the rail and turns to face the camera, raises his hand in self appreciation.

While hippos may appear amusingly lumbering and awkward, they have sharp tusks and can move very quickly; they are considered one of the most dangerous animals in Africa. Extreme caution is taken by zoo officials who look after hippos as they can attack and charge a person when sensing threat around them.

”Mara and Rosie were unharmed by the experience and so was the guy who spanked but these moves could be dangerous. It is a privilege to observe these rare and beautiful species and it is highly recommended to give them space and be respectful to them as well, at all times.”